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Transportation Options in Thailand

There are many ways to get to Thailand, including the following list of the most popular means of transportation.

Travel to Thailand

By Rail

Trains are slower than buses, but can be a lot more comfortable. There is a regular train service linking Bangkok with Singapore via Kuala Lumpur and Butterworth in Malaysia connecting with many major southern Thai towns. For these long journeys, air-conditioned first-class and second class sleepers are ideal and provide the necessary comfort for travelers.


For luxury travel, there is one direct through train, the Eastern and Oriental Express service that runs from Chiang Mai in the North to Bangkok then southward across the border to Malaysia and on to Singapore. For more information, please visit


For travelling around Thailand, there are 7 rail lines running from the North to the South to the Northeast, East and the West, and depending on the distance, there are various options for passengers.


  • First-class has private cabins that are air-conditioned with a wash basin and mirror, a small table and long bench seat that converts into a bed. Drinking water and towels are provided free of charge. First-class is available only on express and special express trains.


  • Second-class offers 2 options:


Is similar to those on a bus with pairs of padded seats in which the  
           passenger sits upright for the entire journey.


For longer or overnight trips, a second-class sleeper:

Has 2 rows of facing seat pairs; each pair is separated from the next by a dividing wall. A table folds down between each pair and at night seats convert into 2 fold-down berths, one over the other. Curtains provide some privacy and fresh linen is provided.


  • Third-class is generally clean, not usually crowded outside the commuter peak times, unbelievably cheap, and sitting next to an open window as the train goes through the countryside is a very pleasant experience. Third class usually has wooden or padded seats, is normally non-air-con, so it can be a good option for very short distances. Air-con may exist a few long distance routes.


Tickets can be purchased on the day or months in advance for anywhere in Thailand. For more information or making reservations, please contact:


Hua Lamphong Railway Station (This is accessible by the MRT Hua Lamphong Station)

Tel:     +66 (0) 2220 4334,

          +66 (0) 2220 4444

Call Centre: 1690